Sept 2017: 'O. K. China' emerges as a solo act after one half of the former duo 'The Filters' takes a break

.... 2017: Check out O. K. China live every Friday fortnight at the Statesman Hotel, Curtin, ACT

May 2018: The AIIA asks O. K. China to again provide the music for the Annual ACT ICT Industry Awards

May 2018: Another top 'Music in the Park' event at Hackett, organised by fellow muso' John Murray (who added some cool harp to the upcoming EP)

May 2018: Busy month.  The restoration on my 1957 Levin Archtop Jazz guitar completed; check out the pics in 'Photos'.  Absolutely amazing job by Jens P

July 2018: Spent a couple of weeks in San Francisco. An amazing, v cool and super-chilled place. Took in some of the local music scene. Australia take a bow!

October 2018: Outdoor gig at the Wooddust festival (people who turn wood into things of beauty). I'll be playing and Jens P's will be showing his beautiful 6-string acoustic.


November 2018: O. K. China's first recorded release (EP) is launched. Titled 'From the Diggings', it comprises 6 orginals and 1 cover. It's available direct and at O. K. China gigs

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