Sept 2017: 'O. K. China' emerges as a solo act after one half of the former duo 'The Filters' takes a break

.... 2017: Check out O. K. China live every Friday fortnight at the Statesman Hotel, Curtin, ACT

May 2018: The AIIA asks O. K. China to again provide the music for the Annual ACT ICT Industry Awards

May 2018: Another top 'Music in the Park' event at Hackett, organised by fellow muso' John Murray (who added some cool harp to the upcoming EP)

May 2018: Busy month.  The restoration on my 1957 Levin Archtop Jazz guitar completed; check out the pics in 'Photos'.  Absolutely amazing job by Jens P

July 2018: Spent a couple of weeks in San Francisco. An amazing, v cool and super-chilled place. Took in some of the local music scene. Australia take a bow!

October 2018: Outdoor gig at the Wooddust festival (people who turn wood into things of beauty). I'll be playing and Jens P's will be showing his beautiful 6-string acoustic.


November 2018: O. K. China's first recorded release (EP) is launched. Titled 'From the Diggings', it comprises 6 originals and 1 cover. It's available direct and at O. K. China gigs

June 2019: After a couple of years of giging Fridays, O. K. China's stint at the Statesman comes to an end.  But the music hasn't.  Still doing my solo act at lots of venues around Canberra; and have also joined 3 other experienced muso's to re-launch the band 'The Crossbenchers'.  Check it out on Facebook.

September 2019: Recording to start on O. K. China's 2nd EP to be titled 'Fortune Cookies'. It will comprise 7 new originals and 1 cover.  Some tasty samples will be uploaded here soon.

March 2020: Yeh well - C-19 put paid to that didn't it. Plenty of time to write and prac', but zero gigging so far.  Hoping to get back to live performance asap.  Fingers crossed that we  get the better of the virus!!

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